Here at Tiddlywinks we have a 7 key messages that help to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle amongst our children

We use 7 different fictional characters supported by our members of staff to help to demonstrate our key messages.

We’ll introduce you to these characters and their core messages below.

For more information on Startwell please visit their?website

2 Snacks Max (Jodie)

Regular healthy snacks help growth and development. Incorporate 3 child size meals and 2 healthy snacks a day into your child?s daily routine.

At Tiddlywinks, we know a child?s stomach is smaller than an adults, we have one mid-morning snack of veg sticks, fruit, or a small portion of toast with our daily milk drink.

We have a good breakfast of cereal which is healthy and low in sugar, bread sticks and some fruit. Our children are encouraged to use the water dispenser throughout the day.

Physical Fizz (Breen)

Activity aids learning. Research shows us that young children?s brains are unfinished at birth. Movement and physical activity plays a huge role in creating nerve connections in the brain. These provide the foundations for all future learning.

Breen has attended a training from Startwell where she is now able to cascade her knowledge to staff and children. We offer a variety of physical opportunities inside and outside which we know will impact on each child?s ability to deal with situations they may meet in later life.

We balance, climb, run, throw, crawl offering activities that require thinking skills and playing in a group. Our ring games are varied and enjoyed by all ages.

Micky Me Size (Kelly)

Remember children?s tummies are small, they only need a small portion of food.

We know that too much food for a young child will result in too much food for the body and thus turn to stored fat, which leads to illness like type 2 diabetes and could result in cancer in later life.

We know at Tiddlywinks that we should measure our portions, we have regular small portions throughout the day. We use small plates and use a five a day strategy. We create posters for our family to help create this ethos at home and inform everyone the importance of small portions. We do not eat too much fruit and vary our diet

Active Azra (Paige)

There is a growing concern about the lack of physical activity opportunities and the increase in inactivity of children in Early Years.

At Tiddlywinks, we offer lots of exercise, we know via study that inactivity in Under 5?s is associated with weight gain and lower cognitive development, Claire from Startwell produced a work shop to demonstrate how to exercise and develop cognitive skills. We now do this on a regular basis.

We know that learning and growth gained from being physically active is important for developing physical social, emotional and intellectual skills.

Fun Time Freddy (Chloe)

Pre-school children should be active for 180 mins per day, we have observed our children and timed them and we far exceed that time. We know that physical activity has e blood pressure, Mental Health- well-being and promoting strong bones and motor skills, social cognitive and emotional development.

Our time table is very active, we are outside and promote opportunities to be flexible in what children like to do, we audit our outside play area and make regular changes to excite the children and motivate ourselves.

Suzy Startwell – Role Model (Sue)

Children learn from copying the behaviours they see around them, as parents, practitioners or adults it is important that behaviour they see is positive. As a role model, we allow children to see ? staff eating fruits and veg at snack times.

We sit with our groups and eat our lovely meals.

We all are involved in physical activities and enjoy being out side, using all of our space. We encourage children to eat a variety of foods that are healthy and cook together to produce tea or snack times. Praise is use for trying something new, and stickers for drinking more water when thirsty.

5 A Day Fay (Claire)

Helping you on your way to 5 a day. We will make sure our children get a variety of at least 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.

A portion is roughly what fits in your child?s hand ? remember you don?t have to start with 5 portions try just 2 then increase.

Fresh frozen tinned and dried fruit and veg all count towards 5 a day. Fruit drinks do not count as these tend to have added sugars and or sweeteners.