Newsletter Summer Term 2018

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Christmas Newsletter 2018.

Christmas celebrations start 1st December – Ho Ho Ho!

  • We will all help to decorate our Christmas tree and our nursery
  • We will make some beautiful Christmas decorations
  • We shall have post box for cards for each group of children
  • We learn new Christmas songs
  • Make Christmas cakes
  • We visit our elderly neighbours with gifts we have made

Nursery concert is on 14th December starting 3pm

Please wear a Christmas jumper or T-shirt if you can as it is Christmas jumper day and party time in the morning with a Christmas lunch.

We shall have a DVD created of the Christmas concert, there is a charge from Paul of £10 per copy

Each child may have 2 seats per family, that includes any children, even if they are on your lap, as our building can only accommodate a certain amount of visitors and we try to make it fair for all who attend.

Nursery will break up on Friday 21st December and re-open on Monday 7th January.

Thank you for your comments on our questionnaires, all very positive and helps us to develop our setting.