Newsletter Summer Term 2017

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Welcome to our Summer term.

A time to keep safe in the sun, please provide an appropriate hat, boys must have a flap at the back and peck over their face. Girls also need to have face and neck protected.

We provide an appropriate and good quality sun cream, or you can provide your own. Please sun cream your child in the morning as creaming all of the children first thing can be a little agitating for them, and it provides an opportunity to learn about keeping our skin safe at home too. We do have some spare hats but prefer each child to have their own.

We are getting ready to transition into school, independence is key to a happy start at school, we will be having P.E. sessions after May Spring Week, and encouraging the pre-school children to put own shoes on and off and change into shorts and tee shirts.

We have already introduced knives and forks to eat with, and children are able to recognise when they are thirsty and use the water dispenser.

Pre-school Leaving party,
Thursday 29th June at 3.30

EEE Funding;
Stops on July 21st.

We are ready for the 30-hour funding please make sure you get your eligibility code as soon as possible, you may access this via, and bring to us.

Please can you let us know about holidays as soon as possible. Thank you for returning the questionnaires? the feedback was very informative and important to us.