Newsletter Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019

News letter for Autumn 2019.

Welcome to our new children, and well done to our children who have moved up to another group.

We shall be experiencing lots of outside activities, such as chasing leaves, looking at colour texture and shape.  Enjoying weather changes, in our forest garden or just walking around our local community with umbrellas!!

Our topic for the pre-school children is children’s interests, Dinosaurs, using the 7 areas of learning we shall introduce new experiences, new words in our book choices, and Awe at the wonder of our environment, observations, both child initiated and adult led, experiences will be key to our learning and next steps.

Younger children will focus on the 3 Prime Areas, using Personal, social and emotional development as an initial step to attaching to new key persons and thus experience Language and communication in all we do.  Physical Development will naturally intertwine in our daily routines. Observations are child initiated with a link to literacy with the book of the week, selected by the key person knowing children preferences.

Children will  experience the Characteristics of learning alongside the Prime Areas and Specific Areas of Learning.

Key persons, alongside apprentices level 2 and 3 use their own experiences and preference to plan and provide the very best opportunities they can,(Cultural Capital is at the heart of all we do) using in the moment observations, adult led, child initiated, children’s experiences from home, all within a rich and safe environment, with dedicated and experienced staff.